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D&A Intrepid Beaders Club 1-Year Membership

$399.00 - $459.00

Join the Design & Adorn Intrepid Beaders Club!  Starting in March 2018, you'll get a box of curated beads and an inspiring online community to share your ideas & designs with. 

When your box comes each month you can dig in right away or wait for our live unboxing party online and we can open our boxes together.  What you do with your beads is up to you...stringing, wire wrapping, kumihimo.  Work with your skill set and add other beads & supplies from your stash if you like.  Post pictures of what you've made in our private Facebook group and bounce ideas off your fellow makers. Later in the month we'll have a second live video session to share our progress.

What's in the box?

  • a beautiful collection of beads curated by design expert Rebecca Ann Combs just for the club.

What's NOT in the box?

  • instructions for a project.  This is an opportunity to stretch your design wings and work with a set pattern. 
  • basic beading supplies like thread, wire, & glue.
  • tools

How many boxes do I get?

  • 12.  One a month for a year, starting in March 2018.

How much is it?

  • $399 for the whole 12 months.  That's March 2018 through February 2019.

What about shipping?

  • The shipping charge to anywhere in the United States is $60 (this covers all 12 shipments.)
  • There is no shipping charge if you can pick up your box in person at Design & Adorn in Tucson.

What do I need to participate in the video chats?

  • high speed internet on your phone or computer. 

What if I don't like it?

  • I know it's scary signing up for something unknown and I want you to LOVE IT so here's our good times guarantee:  Join the Intrepid Beaders Club and check out the first box.  Participate in with our Facebook group and watch our unboxing party video.  If you're not having fun and you decide it's not for you, just return that first box by the end of March and we'll refund the entire membership including the shipping!

Can I quit mid year?

  • Nope.  We're looking for a group of beaders who are willing to commit to the entire year's experience of creative play.  We do offer our good times guarantee (see above) to remove some of the angst about joining.